Follow the link provided on the website front page or here

Create an account with an email address and password and set up your profile. If the patient is a child or dependent, you can add them here or once you create your account you can click on your name in the upper right-hand corner, go to “my account” in the menu and then click on your name again on the top left which will open a new menu with the option to click “add dependent”.

Click on the green tab “Request Visit” and select who the visit is for. You can also add a dependent at this time.

You have the choice to “See Now” or “Schedule Visit”. See Now will connect you with the physician within minutes. Scheduling, allows you to choose the time.

10 minutes prior to appointments, log in and select “See Now” next to your doctor’s name.

Input your name and phone number, click “Start Visit” and you will be entered into the virtual waiting room.

When you are notified that your doctor is ready to see you, click “Join” and connect!